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Larimer County, Colorado
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The Voter Service Team is the most visible face of LWVLC to the public. Its work is the bedrock of the League with its voter registration activities, voter education and campaigns to get out the vote.

Some of the team’s activities include:
Candidate and ballot issue forums;
Identify issues of local importance and sending pertinent questions to political candidates for their responses for inclusion on the Leagues’ Vote 411 web site;
Research, write and distribute unbiased pro-con ballot issue pamphlets for local voters;
Distribute state League ballot issue pamphlets;
train members in moderating candidate and ballot issue forums;
Interact cooperatively with local clerk’s offices; and Encourage citizen participation in government.

Upcoming Events
Forums and Registration

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Election Resources

Hot Topics

Candidate Forums
Voting Rights

Gives background on how Forums are organized and run.

Provides League goals on voter registration.
Information on voter registration demographics
History and involvement in voter registration changes?
Link to site that has details on how to register?

Information on groups that are targeted
Work of local league on convicted felon registrations
Information on national voting rights issues?